Brazilian Beef Breeders tour of the UK centres on UK Beef Genetics

Beef missionOver recent years the sale of British livestock genetics to Brazil has increased greatly, with the demand for UK breeds outstripping supply. In order to showcase further breeds as well as promote the technology which goes hand in hand with the UK beef industry UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) and the British Embassy in Brazil, have arranged an inward mission, bringing a group of Brazilian veterinarians.

The mission organised by UK Agri-Food and Drink (UKAFD) and UKTI was accompanied by Nick Graham, Sector Manager for Agri-Business and & Government Relations at the British Embassy. The delegates completed a technical tour of the beef breeding and meat production supply chain commencing in Scotland and finishing in Gloucestershire.

Around 12% of genetic material imported into Brazil is from the UK and the target is to increase this to 25% within 5 years, even in this expanding market situation. It is hoped to increase sales by 60% over the next year with an estimated increment value of £150,000. Experience has shown that there are always a few, key producers in each region whose opinions are more highly valued by other producers. Our cattle are more productive and produce the quality that the abattoirs and consumers want, and we need to help to get the message out. By convincing these key producers we hope to achieve our objective in all of the new regions. The objective of this work falls in line with Brazilian Federal policy on agriculture, to increase productivity and reduce carbon emissions from agriculture.

Beef missionThis mission will benefit not only the genetic material exporters, but all UK farmers from whose bulls the material is collected, a total number estimated at 300, at present. This mission has the aim of assisting various SMEs (beef cattle farmers) across the UK in order to help to increase their exports of genetic material to Brazil by demonstrating the superior quality and productivity of animals with UK genetics to key Brazilian breeders, from various regions in the country.
Working together with Brazilian private sector genetic material importers and their partners in the UK, the aim is to select a group of 10 key Brazilian breeders from the regions in which we hope to sell UK material for cross-breeding with Brazilian Nelore animals.

Georgina Varney, Director UKAFD said ‘The aim of the mission was to demonstrate the superior carcass quality and productivity of these animals compared to those from other countries.’

Beef missionDuring their visit UK farms showcased cattle including Aberdeen Angus, Simmental, Limousin, Beef Shorthorn, Charolais, Hereford and Wagyu. In addition to visiting farms and beef breeders In the UK, the mission also took a wider view looking at management systems, the efficiency of meat from grass and forage and the value of an integrated beef production chain and included visits to the SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College, Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency and Sainsbury’s.

UKAFD were also assisted by industry experts, UK Sire Services, Cogent Breeding and Eblex on this mission which was the second part of a programme of activity and events that UKTI and the British Embassy in Brazil planned for the sector.

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